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11.17.2012 , 03:38 PM | #1
Why such the disparity in these two raids? Yes I understand there is far more 8man guilds attempting NiM EC right now so more guilds have cleared content. There is however some very top notch 16 man guilds putting everything they got into this raid also. The problem is you cannot build a raid around 8man content and then buff it up for 16 man by adding more hp's to boss, make bosses hit harder, and crucial mechanic(IE reticles) spawn that many more. It works sometimes but not every encounter. They have made 8man content to simple and buffed 16man through the roof for NiM EC...its not even remotely close in difficulty.

At this rate bioware is going to kill the few remaining 16man progression guilds off, as there is not really a point in doing the content. We can just break down into two 8man groups and farm the instances.

Also why is the most needed pieces of this tier (chest, mainhand, offhand, pants, gloves, boots) in TFB HM, and (bracers,belt, helm, ear pieces) in NiM EC??? You would think the loot would be reversed considering the difficulty level of NiM EC....or atleast spread out more (IE chest, mainhand, offhand, pants, gloves, boots split between the two instances.)