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Yeah i never meant it as a L2p issue. It wasn't meant to offend so thats cool =)

I'm not sure for survivability but There is an OP on Jung Ma named Lursa who can stand toe to toe with my WH geared Assassin and its always a close fight. Fairly positive he/she is lethality but i've seen it done. You do have survivability, but its on a timed instance, when your time is up you have to withdraw or face defeat.

As for controlling your opponent, why is that a bad thing? I control my opponents AND the large fights on my assassin. It makes for great fun =)
First off i'm glad we can mostly agree. As for the first part I quoted though yeah, best OPS can stand toe to toe with good Assassins. The problem is thats in a 1v1 and the Assassin (even infultration spec) brings more to a 3v3 or larger fight than an operative does. if the Assassin and Op preform equally in 1v1s but the Op is much worse in large fights we have a problem.

As for controlling your opponents I didn't mean it was a bad thing AT ALL. Its a great thing. The problem is unless I can control their keyboard and voice chat they can call for help and even as an optimized Op you aren't going to kill them and cap the node before help arrives. Meaning you don't have a high enough conversion rate of taking Off nodes to be viable in high level play (and an Assasin will be just as succesful as you at the role), and you aren't as useful as any class including a dps merc in a 3v3+ encounter. Your control doesn't lend itself well to fights bigger than a 2v2 with stealth and Our of combat requirements.