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Well said, and this is putting it lightly. There are an abundant amount of problems left unmentioned with the current system, most long term fixes but queue separation as you mention is simple, quick, and easy and will go a long way into welcoming players into PvP instead of repelling them.

Try telling that to the massive amounts of people leaving the game because it simply isn't fun, balanced and sadly not even competitive. You and your special cupcakes will then be left to guess what... Play against each other. (Premade Vs Premade)

I'm not exactly sure why you have such a vendetta to keep Premades Vs Pugs, it holds absolutely no fruit for either side unless you have a hard on for rofl stomping pugs, which would make too much sense. If you truly support competition, you would gladly embrace anything that streamlines and better supports Premade Vs Premade play, but this apparently doesn't seem to be the case with those of you claiming for one excuse or another that Premades Vs Pugs is fine (It's not). Judging by your posts it is hard to argue that your "long queue" excuse is anything but a pretense to rofl stomp pugs, and it is a weak excuse at that. Sorry but no, if done right, premades would be pushed into Ranked, which is were they belong and should be all along. Ranked should be modified, I'll admit and give you that it's fairly dysfunctional as is but the simple fact is Premades don't belong in the same Warzones as Pugs.

We are left in a terrible position since we neither have an adequate matchmaking system nor cross realm queues, neither side wins, at the very least a higher emphasis needs to be placed on groups facing other groups. Ideally and a long term solution as we have mentioned and agreed would be proper matchmaking, cross realm to support a more robust pool of players and eventually the phasing out of Premade Vs Pug altogether, it would no longer be necessary nor wise to keep around, as is it punishes players to play on their own, this may be an MMO but that doesn't mean it should tell you and force you to play the game the way it wants you to play, that is a recipe for poor game design and one that is destined to fail. For whatever reason, a group isn't always available, punishing your playerbase for wanting to play your game outside of these inconvenient times will not encourage them to continue playing your game.

Take a look at some of the most population dense and successful games out there, I may not like them nor support them but they are successful and have millions of millions of subs for a reason, I am not saying this is the only reason but it is among the top; very few if any of them force Premade Vs Pug play on the player, they leave it as an option to the player when he/she feels ready for the competition and challenge. Force feeding your players with a frustrating experience and saying, "There, that is your playground, eat it and deal with it." Is not a very good business model nor one with much longevity.

Lastly I leave you with this question: Why would a game continue to support a clearly dysfunctional system which not only fails at it's task but effectively repels players, and is viciously unforgiving to new players just stepping into the arena and experiencing PvP for the first time. These players not only do not have the motive, nor the knowledge or social experience in the game to be consciously malicious, lazy or otherwise capable of the many other lies and slander you use to describe players that for whatever reason Solo queue. This system not only appeases a small portion of the player base (Premades) but manages to frustrate an alarmingly vast portion of the remaining playerbase (Pugs). Why, why in god's green earth would a game continue to support a system that repels it's own players from it's content?
If premades were such a small portion of the player base, presumably you wouldn't encounter them very often. Problem solved.
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