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11.17.2012 , 03:15 PM | #3131
I think it would have done a world of good to have let us know when we asked whether those former statements still hold true, actually, but at this point if the content really will be out with 1.6 I think it is too late to tell us anything about it.

That would have been nice back when people were wondering how to approach game content early on, and it would have been nice if when they promoted current romantic content they also gave us an update. But by now, we are so plainly at the back of the bus, the belated inclusion of this content so obviously tokenistic that I really don't think even adding it will really help.

What would help? An apology and an explanation, and seeing this taken beyond token inclusiveness with virtually invisible game content and expanding same-gender romance options to the NPC [Flirt] options as well. None of which I ever expect to hear a word of, which is sad. They could have done so much better than this.