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Thanks for the comments all. I was admittedly being provocative when I said that not key binding makes you a bad player. Being a clicker doesn't necessarily make you a bad player, per se, but ceteris paribus, a key binder is better than a clicker.

Sydexlic has eloquently demonstrated why key binding is the superior method of game play. I will add one additional argument.

1: Situational awareness is absolutely crucial for effective PvE gameplay. Raid bosses will have multiple mechanics occurring simultaneously during a fight. A player who is not sufficiently situationally aware will be a liability to the group.

2: Frequent camera rotation and repositioning is required in order to situationally aware.

3: Using the mouse to move the camera is faster and far more effective than using the keyboard..

4: It is not feasible to use the mouse to rotate the camera and click on the quickbar simultaneously.

5: It is feasible to use the mouse to rotate the camera and use the key bound quickbar simultaneously.

6: A player who can actively reposition the camera to maintain situational awareness while simultaneously attending to their role-specific duties will be more effective than a player who is not able to do both.

7: Therefore, ceteris paribus, a key binder is a more effective player than a clicker.

#4 might be false, but I am skeptical.
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