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11.17.2012 , 02:57 PM | #9
Hey Matty-Wan,

As an Nvidia owner i was reading your post and like to add a few suggestions.

First reinstall your driver, but instead of going the express install do a custom install and click fresh install check box (remove profiles).

If your still having issues then see if your monitor timing (refresh rate) is set correctly on the Nvidia Control Panel. You may also like to check the Adjust desktop size and position tab under Display on the control panel as well to see if scaling is not set right (meaning scaling to a resolution your monitor can not display), I turn my scaling off as it add's a small amount of latency but not much.

As for your issue with the game running bad, I would keep shadows off or on low as your video card is on the low end. I can see a hit with them on high and im running 2x GTX 580's 3GB in SLI. I have seen that Bloom hits hard as well as it gets applied to every little light emitting object on screen.

Like to add that i seen you have a dual core CPU (my old system had one as well), and no amount of overclocking could smooth out the frame rate on particle affects and mass players on screen. After upgrading my CPU to a i7 2700k 4 core i seen a huge difference. Hope this helps.
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