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11.17.2012 , 02:53 PM | #1
I'm fed up with the horrible support that Bioware gives us. I bought the game on release and have been a good subscriber in this game for awhile but even then when something goes wrong I have no where to turn.

Recently I created a character on the server "Prophecy of the Five" to join a friend guild and start a new. After reaching about level 5 I noticed the cartel shop and went on a spending spree then after getting a couple cool looking items decided to log for the night. Next time I logged in, I noticed not only was that character missing but I only had 70 cartel coins left.

I looked through all the so called "Help" FAQs on the site, sent in a ticket, AND called costumer support. Help FAQs were useless telling me to call Customer Support or Send in a ticket. Customer Support was useless, refusing to talk to me and told me to submit an in game ticket. How am I suppose to send an In Game ticket with no Character? So I created a new character and sent in a ticket, but I need to know the name, level, balance, items etc. of the character I lost in order to have it restored but how am I suppose to remember such silly things. The name was one of the odd generated random names as well.

It's not that losing the character upset me, after all It only was around level 5 or so. What upsets me as it seems that the character disappeared coincidentaly right after I spent some cartel coins.

I've unsubscribed at this point and doubt I will re-subscribe unless something is done to help me, at this point ANYTHING would be nice as I've gotten jack squat from Biowares Customer Support.