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11.17.2012 , 02:20 PM | #5
I updated the service pack and framework. The direct x was up to date. I ran the repair tool. Still pixelated since the driver update. Oh and most importantly the near unusable performance issues are persisting. Consistent memory overload leading to crash.

What I did find however is that by going into window mode I stopped the pixelation. This leads me to believe the graphics card is somehow not registering the max resolution anymore. it was 1920 x something or other. I do not want to play in window mode however so if you could continue to help me to achieve the graphics I was enjoying prior to the driver update I would appreciate that. Thank you.

Oh also, I am noticing that when the game launches the pixelation effect goes across my whole system. For the moments before the splash screen comes up and after I log out I see the same pixelation effecting my desktop. It seems the launch of the SWTOR client is effecting my monitor settings maybe?
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