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11.17.2012 , 02:12 PM | #9
This is really ridiculous. A lot of people are having problems with the SWTOR launcher, me included.

2012-11-17 22:21:11 INFO   User pressed play (retailclient,en-us,swtor)
2012-11-17 22:21:12 INFO   Game successfully launched: E:\Games\Star Wars-The Old Republic\swtor\RetailClient\swtor.exe
2012-11-17 22:21:12 INFO   Transmitting log before close
2012-11-17 22:21:13 INFO   Closed launcher
I was playing this game before, and now, after a few months - launcher just starts and closes itself, with nothing happening in between (like the OP said in his 1st post). Tried all the suggestions on this page - nothing worked.

You really should fix this issue, otherwise no wonder you people won't get new players.

Disappointing start for me, definitely! (if this can be called 'a start' at all, since I never logged in).....