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11.17.2012 , 02:09 PM | #7
While I agree that I should bear some of the responsibility, I still maintain that they should have done a better job at preventing users from buying something they do not need. Others on the Customer Service forum have already admitted that they have also made the same mistake so this is not a rare "one-off" issue and perhaps this is something that BioWare should look into (i.e. Why did this happen and how can we prevent others from making the same mistake?).

From a customer service standpoint you can argue that while, yes, the customer made an error, BioWare can either 1) make them feel small for making a simple mistake or 2)reverse the erroneous purchase with a polite warning for future transactions.

If this were a restaurant and my child spilled her drink on the table, I can expect to have to pay for another since it was obviously my kid's fault. But if the restaurant gives me another and with a smile tells me "mistakes happen", they will have my business for life.