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To the OP:

Your an operative. A Space Ninja. Ninjas don't fight in the front line. They wait in the shadows for the right time to strike and kill with high efficiency.

I'm leveling an operative.
I know you mean well, but its not a L2P or don't pick a class for a role you don't want to fill issue with the OP. Your reasoning for the first part I quoted would make sense if we had that "high efficeincy" As of 1.2 we don't. Since our burst has been nerfed so many times we instead have to kill an opponent by controlling them either through CC or DCDs from 100%-0. Its not efficient and it takes a long time, too long for it to be viable in rateds.

As for the second part I know Operatives seem fine in lowbies, but like DPS (non bubble stun) Sorcs that is where they shine, it only gets worse once you hit 50. And while in optimzed EWH gear you will be okay in regs simply because you can take Off nodes from BM geared guards players, you bring nothing useful to any higher level of play. You can't kill someone who plays at your level, but a better class, fast enough to take the node before their help arrives. As for finishing off people below 50% at the main fight, Rail shot does it better on a much shorter CD, as does Ravage, Smash, Snipe, ect ect. Oh and those classes actually have the tools to survive in a large scale fight (PTs excluded)