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1) Even with a rename service, you won't get back the name you had when they forced the name change on you since someone else has it now. That's why you lost it to begin with.
That's not the point. They're offering it as a part of "Subscribe now and get ____". Only, subscribers can't get it. Not only is not getting something you paid for frustrating, it's also, quite simply, a bald-faced lie right there on their promo page. I would think their marketing department would be coming up with ways to please subscribers, not piss them off.. *again*.

2) Good luck with 'filing a complaint in your local jurisdiction'. Much like the BBB, all it will be is a waste of time, and nothing will come of it, because it's not important enough for them to care about following up on once you do. The AG has far better things to do with the taxpayers money. Following up on a complaint in a computer game isn't one of them.
heh.. "Eh, it's just a video game, they can lie to consumers all they like". Importance comes in when it comes to either bait and switch tactics or false advertising by a corporation. It does not matter what they lie about, simply that they did. Whether one chooses to make a report, of course, is up to the individual. It is indeed on the person doing the reporting to prove a case exists, but even BBB reports do get results one way or the other, even if only to raise awareness of a company's sneaky tactics.

I do find it interesting that they have not taken it down. Perhaps they are coming out with it in the next couple of days and think that will be good enough.