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Splitting q's without cross server would unfairly hurt premaders since it would be a long await at times to get 16 premaders. Also, remember what if there are 15 premaders in the q and now a team of 4 q? So for split q's you need much more than 16 premaders on to have fast q's and swtor would need to make some system to help in the above situation.
yes, it would cause premade queues to pop less frequently. no, it would not mean finding 16 premades. it's very simple (conceptually) to have 2 queues: the "solo queue" is exclusively for solo queueing (ikr?). the general queue (premade queue) is available to any solo or grp (1-4), aka: exactly what we have now.

the rationale:
  • not every solo queuer cares if he's against a premade, and some want to gamble that they'll get the good premade on their team.
  • grps aren't just 4 ppl. they are just as often 2 and 3. if the grp consists of 3 ppl, then that necessitates either at least 1 solo queuer in the grp, or an extremely lucky comibination of 2 grps of 3 and one grp of 2. so solo queuers have to be eligible for the grp queue - if they're willing.

do it or don't do it. I"m in favor of it, but it's not a huge deal. I can grp. I just dislike the either/or scenario where I either run into incompetent pugs or a premade with the best players on the server/faction. it doesn't feel like there's much middle ground when I queue.
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