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11.17.2012 , 12:49 PM | #5
Actually, I did the same thing as OP (Ticket #6811054 for you lovely customer service types who might read this). Regardless of his "other games did this" posture, we are talking about something that is quite possibly a DESIGN error as much as a USER error. And yes, I was told the same exact thing (paraphrasing) "sorry, this is your fault not ours."

When we were dealing with in game currency ("credits"), this would have been an acceptable answer to me. But we are dealing with Cartel Coins now. Even if given as a free reward, Cartel Coins have a very real cash equivalent - somewhere in the neighborhood of 12-14 USD for the 1350 Cartel Coins spent. This is NOT a trivial matter and a quick look through the customer service forum reveals that this is not an uncommon mistake.

Now BioWare can take a hard stand and hide behind the terms of use clause -or- they can do the right thing and admit that this can be just as much their fault (interface design, insufficient warnings, etc) and refund the transactions.