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Ok lemem dip my toe in so it can be ripped off.

Warriors don't do more damage in Ops than Mercs. If they do, your mercs are doing it wrong. Pyro does more AoE and Arsenal does more single target. Atleast in the raids I'm in. =)

Several times I've had the opportunity to hit FM+Firestorm grenade from cybertech+DFA+sweeping blasters and watched 5 people burn and die while nobody knew where the damage came from. Its rarely used as an arguement, but our AoEs are RANGED. Meaning we don't have to be directly in the fight to use them. That is both a positive and a negative in PvP btw.

Although i agree we don't have anything quite as powerful as smash for PvP. Giving us an ability that is will not solve any problems either, it will just make matches faster with insane tons of AoE damage. What we could use is a talent that reduces AoE damage or better yet REFLECTS it back at the attacker.

Think about that a second. If Mercs had a shield/skill that didn't stop us recieving the damage of an AoE attack, but REFLECTED it back at the attacker then guess what? Rage spec warriors will start thinking twice about spamming smash since they are gunna kill themselves as well.
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