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Seriously... the way I see it that $12 a month is saving me a ton of money. I can't count how many times I've stayed home on a friday night instead of going out with friends... which usually ends up being at least a $100 bar tab.

Most people spend $12 a week minimum on soda, junk food and a ton of other useless things. $12 a month for hours of entertainment is hardly a lot, especially when you break down how many of hours of entertainment per month.

Maybe it's a different perspective from the view of an adult but I hardly see it being considered expensive. Even at 12-13 years old I was earning more than that for doing chores around the house.
And here is we totally agree. Watching a 2 hour movie at the theater will cost me up towards 20$ yet I spend 15$ per month for a game i play over 60 hours of month. That is by far a deal. Not to mention, i stay home, drink my rum/coke and have fun. Yes I am married and have two boys in which I play only when she/they go to bed. and i still get to play for so cheap.

Now for people who wish to F2P at a cheaper price or a small price for all the wz's they wish to play but can only receive one WH piece per month. I know the valor is harder to get but we no longer have the centurion/champion gear therefore you hit 50 and can start getting WH weapons. This I disagree with.
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