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11.17.2012 , 12:06 PM | #29
why do these types of threads always fall into people talking about how that amount is so low. Look you people saying this I bet I have far more money than yall do. That is not the point.

I think all of us want SWTOR to do well. FTP is for several main reasons. It gets hardcore people to pay far more than they would with a sub model. It lowers the barrier of entry and gets people to try the game and then hopefully pay some amount pretty often. ftp helps bring in some small amount from people that wouldn't be there otherwise. It also and very importantly helps keep servers healthy which helps keep subscribers subscribing.

I assume all of us people currently playing want the game to grow. If that assumption is correct then this conversation should be about whether the current price will hurt that growth. I think it will. If a sub price is somewhat high for you then why would you pay several times a sub price.

Remember many of these people aren't sure they want to keep playing. If they were they would probably buy the sub.