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I am level 48 on my Bounty Hunter right now, I have the armor from red reaper flash point and the helmet I got with commendations from belsavis (I'm pretty sure).
I have always shown my helmet since I got a cool looking once because, well I like it that way.
I recently decided not to show my helmet for some role play purposes, first thing I noticed is how strange I looked. My big bulky armor without a helmet makes me looks like some odd cartoon character who is terribly awkward looking, so I immediately put my helmet back on a vowed to never take it off. I have the body type three which I found most appropriate for the bounty hunter but I wonder if this is the reason I look so odd without a helmet now.
Yeah, I just came back (haven't played since the beta) and rolled a BH. After getting all the way to level 10, I couldn't stand how goofy the type 3 body looked. So I deleted him and rerolled. At that point, it's not that much of an investment in the character, so I'm not terrbly upset.