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11.17.2012 , 11:56 AM | #865
So my understanding, and I could be mistaken, is that the que already tries to put a premade against premade and double premade against double premade in reg wzs. The que just prioritizes speed over balance.

You'll notice ques tend to pop all at once for people across your sever. I believe the reason for this is that the system only actually tries to create matches once every two minutes or so. I was under the impression though that when the system tried to create matches it did put premades against one another if it can, it just isn't willing to wait another 2 minutes cycle or two to make it happen. I think given how many subs BW lost when que times got long this is probably a wise decision on their part.

So if the above is true (and we can't know since BW hasn't told us, but my experiances through all the population chances and server merges suggest it is) what exactly do the "premades are runing it" people want done? Match making already exists, it just puts more emphesis on speed than you might like. Maybe they could have premades skip a two minute cycle if there isn't a premade to pair them against, but they can't really do more than that or the que times for the premades will make them quit. I don't believe people not getting matches or having to wait long periods of time to get matches is better for the health of the game than people losing but getting to play.