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11.17.2012 , 11:47 AM | #17
I'm not a clicker, but i disagree with the clickers are bad. Especially in pve. 99% of the mobs stand still, how does that make a clicker have a hard time? Pve is way to easy to be overly critical about something so trivial. PvP is where a clicker would be separated from the binder,. The non-stop moving around and watching out for the objectives.

I have most my offense, and defensive skills binded, but do find clicking in certain situations does work out better. I cant have all my skills in an easy to reach place while trying to do others. There are many buttons, but only 1 hand to reach them while strafing. Thanks to a cheapo 3 button mouse. But after spending $80 for the game, and another $700 for a system the game would work on (wouldn't even start up on my old pc). I cant justify spending any more just to play, so i make do with what i got.