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Lets conclude: As an Operative you have the choice:
- to be the OverPowered Healer in PvP and best healer in PvE,
- to find yourself among the top DPS in WZ results table as Concealment
- to be OverPowered in PvE as Lethality.

Yeah. There is a much to QQ about.
Really broken class. Definitely unplayable at all.
And the free-of-charge anytime respec doesnt help at all.
add1: Medic is fine, nothing overpowered
add2: you're clearly out of picture (id get better DMG number as Lethality in WZ than Conceal - if i poison everyone - and in doing so screw all my teammates CC
add3: you're clearly out of picture again, on border of trolling

From what you say now, it's very clear you never played the class, or at least not seriously, ergo, any serious discussion is out of equation with you. Go Troll somewhere else. This is serious thread about Class having problems.
From what you said so far, it looks, you probably have problesm with Ops in WZs? Probably weak play, Concealments always target the weakest.

Have a nice day.