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11.17.2012 , 11:11 AM | #252
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Still nothing.

Seriously BW,

I understand you guys want to enjoy your weekend. And usually i would agree. But not this time.

For weeks, you have been teasing us with the new Cartel store. Presenting it as a big deal, something that would turn the tides for the game. This isn't some minor quest bug...

This is one... If not... the most important feature of 1.5. You got old players who gave up on the game once, and took the effort on giving you an other chance on this one!

And now... on this very important moment... You take your weekend to chill out and leave us with a broken tool? This is serious sh***. Take responsiblity, call your wives and explain that if you don't fix this you might screw up your last chance to save this game.

But no... You're back in your yard enjoying a nice cold beer now.

You have time to make dumb presentation videos about the thing, but fixing a simple error message problem is to much for you to handle? Seriously?

Shame on you BW. You deserve your failure. You're lucky to have the SW lore to save your ***. Honestly, if it wasn't for SW, i would not be here anymore. That's the only thing that keeps me in this game.
this pretty much sums it up for me. so many problems with this game and they screw the pooch on the one thing that could save it.i checked with my bank already just to be shure,and everything is fine.I am unsubbed at this point(not that i can sub anyways wont accept it there either)You without a doubt deserve your failure,just pathetic.