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The legacy is what links all your characters together. It's a group, a fellowship, a guild, a family, a brotherhood, a mystical gathering of souls... whatever your imagination can think of to explain how and why your characters are linked to eachother.

The name of your legacy (for example "Doe") will be displayed either as a family name (John Doe) or as "John of the Doe legacy", you can choose this from your character sheet (default key "C").

Using the default key "Y" you'll have a window where you'll be able to look at all the perks and unlocks (some are valid for all the characters in your legacy, some only for the currently select character).

The legacy is for players who have many characters, and in the second or third playthrough will have enough money to boost their third or fourth character. If it's your first character, it's unlikely you have enough credits to unlock anything.