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Ha right now the war is faaar from balanced the republic is kicking the empire *** they are pummeling them into dust and taris!? taris is not that huge of a deal honestly in my opinion.

The swtor encyclopedia says that the republic is doing bloody fine right now and the empire is in chaos/fracturing and they are on the run and with this new novel the republic is kicking the empire *** even more. Lets not forget the dread masters turning on the empire as well.

its far from balanced at the current moment unless something special happens the empire is on its last legs considering the way events in the novel and the swtor encyclopedia are describing it.

Plus imperial intelligence is completely dissolved the empire no longer has a spy network so they are running blind and the republic can listen to all of the empires "secure" transmissions. I am not asking for a curbstomp for either side what I wanted was a more balanced war scenario.

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