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11.17.2012 , 10:22 AM | #864
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This is true, i play in pvp guild and everyday queue with guildies in ranked queue and in normal also, but i wanna queue at least for 2/3 matches everyday solo and it sucks when pug is vs premade. Also when i am in premade and face turret, there is no fun when we cap and hold 3 turrets. I have min/maxed 2 toons and rly dont need comms just play for fun and its not fun sometimes. And there is reason to queue solo despite ppl say this is mmo. I often queue solo to hunt some unguilded ppl and its better chance to find some1 very good, and second reason is sometimes prefer play without headset, its not easy be 3-4 hours on mumble and have something on the head.
The unbalance is obvious