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I would bring warriors to an ops over mercs because they do more damage. However in certain ops at least there are mechanics that incentivize not having 4 melee dps and no ranged/mercs. No such incentives exist in PvP. For PvP there is one rule: Never use a Merc dps. They are the worst subclass in the game for PvP.
More what damage?

I said AOE because, well, this is your AOE thread.

Quote: Originally Posted by Macroeconomics View Post
I do use Explosive Dart. A lot actually. But this gets right back to the point in my first reply. Merc dps is stuck using an inferior AoE - costs more resources, affects fewer enemies, does less damage per enemy and has delayed damage effect. It's perfectly fine for other classes to have abilities that do all those things better than Merc dps does. But according to the devs, Merc dps needs to get DFA nerfed, because Mercs are too powerful! LOL.
I was replying to DarthBloodloss who doesn't consider ED an AOE.

But again you insist on comparing one of the weaker AOE attacks that mercs have to Smash, the best AOE that warriors have.

Yes, DFA is a channeled attack and can be interrupted.

Just like much of the rest of the damage a Merc does...

There is no like for like here, the only similarity between the two attacks you want to compare is the CD.