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cool. That does a ******** of DMG in two short abilities and speaks to the strength of the Carnage Marauder. Now do you play around with Mods or do you just use the generic ones?

Personally I tried to emphesise Crit Chance and Surge, now for FS I know you don't need the Crit Chance, since it's an auto crit, but for all the other in the tree I like having the Crit Chance. But lately I questioned the use of Surge and thought about switching to Power what do you think? I took a brake from Carnage because of this reason, with my current gear build (this applies to the regular mods in the WH gear) the dmg just wasn't there. So I switched to Anni where my Mods do wonders.
i had the exact same debate, atm i have 30% crit buffed and around 850 power and surge at 75%, ive been stacking power mods whenever i can find them , i reccomend getting 2 war hero vindicator light sabres, it has some good mods and enchantments with power in it , you can later trade these in for the elite war hero version(for your off hand just pull the mods out and put it in a custom built offhand) , and then you now have upgraded sabres and some extra mods and enchantments to play around with, also some BM pieces , i cant remeber, which exactly have some nice power mods as well +37 power ones, you can use that as well.