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The problem is that the commission exceeds the deposit now without letting us know in advance. It introduces a problem in calculating cost of the items you throw up on the GTN. Plus a 13% sales tax seems a little excessive to me and should be down around 5% in my opinion and should be covered by the deposit. Now if the 13% commission were based on the lower base value as the new deposit rules are calculated that would be more acceptable. Clarification as to what is intended would be much appreciated.
Agreed, not ever does the system or BW include us in on what the commission takes until you get the first mail when someone buys it (which is annoyingly too late).

The change you see is only due to the deposit, as how it is calculated (before and now) is when someone buys your item you get: your listed price + your deposit - the tax/commission. Before 1.5 the deposit would sometimes be in the 10k's credits and easily covered the commission and you wouldn't think any less of it. Now the deposit is considerably lower and does not cover the commission so we begin to notice it.
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