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11.17.2012 , 08:50 AM | #5
They had better have made significant changes to that wz since the last time it was sighted in public. Because with the changes to stealth classes in 1.4, the new wz as it was presented previously is broken.

That wz is an automatic win for a team with all stealth players. 2 op healers, 2 op dps and 4 tank assassins is a good combo. Stealth, pick 2 targets, and use back stab/knockdown/stuns to get 2 easy kills in 4v1s. Exit combat stealth and wait til your CDs are off. Rinse and repeat. The other side will never get a kill. When the time comes to fight for the center room, use the same opening and then continue fighting with your 8v6 advantage.

In every other wz, you can defeat a stealth player by forcing him to exit combat and run away. You then get the territorial objective. But in Deathmatch you can't do that. In Deathmatch, the ability to avoid death via exit combat stealth trumps everything.