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Honnestly play whatever you want, with the companion system you can always have a healer/tank/dps to assist you.
But I have to say that the earlier you have your healer, the better for soloing.

Bounty Hunter gets Mako, a healer, first. Then comes the Trooper on Taris, and the Sith Warrior on Balmorra. Then you have the Consular on Nar Shaadda. Then you have the JKnight on Balmorra and the IAgent on Taris and Finally you have the Sorcerer and the Smuggler on Hoth.

Or, if you count your droid C2N2 or 2VR8 as healer (which you can) you will have them on your ship.
Almost all of them except Elara Dorne have Cunning as their primary stats, Dorne is better off with Aim, like the 2 droids.

So in the end, pick whatever you want. You cannot choose wrongly. And by the way, Welcome to the game!
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