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Thanks for the suggestion but I not only say heals going mid or something like that I toss down my aoe heal in the group while we are all standing around. That plus saying heals mid, keep them off of me and I keep you alive longer and at least on the Empire side it is like I might as well not be there until they start doing their "no one keeping me up" gripe then I respond well did you get them off of me while I was trying????

Frankly, I go to where the help is needed right up until I realize that a. no one in the group is going to try and play smart and keep the healer alive, & b. they are going to burn me down so fast that I might as well not be there. At that time I go over to where ever we have a node and start farming defenders medals and help out there and listen to the folks throw a fit that the healer is not where the fighting is going on. Too bad as the group has said do what is necessary to get your medals so I am and that means that the others in the group if they play stupid are not going to get healed and we lose which is apparently the way that it is. It takes me two to three weeks to get the weekly on the Empire side with the pugs. On the Republic side I get it by the third or fourth night and I dont farm after I get the daily done.
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