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11.17.2012 , 08:17 AM | #6
Kitru mentioned everything amazingly clear. It depends on what do you expect from your tank. In my pov Vang is the least hectic and all-around-good tank. Though he lacks active cd's you can negate that by using active relic( DG ones are very good). On the other hand it's simple mechanic makes tanking a bit boring for me sometimes. Also, as Kitru mentioned, Vang is a bit weak in PvP due to lack of cc and defensive cd's. Guardian on the other hand is a bit too hectic sometimes. Especially if you are running ful defensive build, which is good for packs, but horrible for single target tanking. Along with that having several cd's doesn't mean guard is better than vang, It just means he has to know the fight very well to use them in time. I have the same problem as you do. I still can't decide between two of them. Guard scares me using hybrid build which makes my mind crazy. Vang makes me feel a bit more heal dependent than guard. Especially I'm interested in 2 things. 1) which tank requires less healing 2) which tank takes less damage overall. Since I'm horible with numbers, I expect a skilled person to clear this for me.