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I play 22/3/16 with my Sage and I love it.

Depending on the situation, or group makeup, I can fall back to lay on a healing trance, or deliverance. I'm always bubble shielding teammates, force management is a good.

The class, IMO, has great DPS/healing, excellent survivability, great WZ coverage mobility, and this build specifically has an amazing amount of mobile DPS.

When I play the TK/heal version of this hybrid, I find it clunky & your ability to move is severely hindered.

All of this to answer your question (IMO):

A sage is everything the situation calls for if spec'ed as an effective hybrid build. You can run to a node, drop heals/bubbles, and when the crowd of attackers starts thinning out, be able to quickly reinforce to the lightly protected node. You can DPS with this build to be effective in 1v1 situations. Who wants to chase a sage all over the map when solo guarding? No one. Drop dots & keep your distance while pummeling them.

If you aren't amazed by a sage's versatility and utility in a group, you have the incorrect spec, you have junk gear, or you haven't grasped how to play the class fully yet.
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