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11.17.2012 , 07:22 AM | #862
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I think we can all agree that a balanced matchmaking system (if it's even possible to achieve such) would benefit both sides more in the long run.

However, seeing that this is an imminent problem that might very well drive the majority of F2P players away (after all this thread does have 28.000 views and over 80 pages) would it really hurt to try separate queues just for a few weeks?

We could see how matches go in true PuG vs PuG situations (I'm guessing PuG players would instantly have far more fun) and if premades have to wait an atrocious time to get a queue (which they should anyway because they have multiple advantages over the typical PuG player (team composition, gear, skill, vent). we could always revert to a previous state (the one that drives F2P and casual subbers away).

By all means implement a proper matchmaking system that can achieve overall balance and gives a fair chance to win for both solo players and premaders. But by the same extension you could wish for an end to starvation or pollution. Or wish for world peace. These are awesome ideas on paper but they are just not possible to achieve.

What can be achieved is queue separation. All we're asking is a few weeks' long test. Maybe it would make the F2P players stick around, too. I'm sure they're having tons of fun losing their 5 matches a week against well-coordinated, well-geared premades. They can't even get their damn daily done.
Nice post and reasonable, I agree 100%. The current system doesn't bring in any new pvp blood, but you got people defending the current system yet still have trouble getting a lot of ranked matches....gee I wonder why?