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for me the most important thing for any class, but especially tanks i suppose, is thinking ahaed. Be ready for the unexpected pat. be ready for the dps who doesnīt know better to be knocked back into a group and adjust. As healer or dps, use cc on incoming mobs and make sure to mark your cc and announce your cc marker when you enter an instance.

For a healer sometimes the best tactic is to let the tunnelvision dps die. If the tank are busy picking up groups of mobs and a dps just tunnel on the strongest mob, if you dont have confidence that you can keep the tunneled dps on their feet, just dont heal them and hope the tank will take care of it. If you heal hard on a tunnelvision dps and he dies, you will have massive agro, and the dps will have learned nothing.

And plz someone tell dps itīs ok to help with interupts. Usually tanks interupt fine, but itīs alot rarer for a dps.
Ofc knowing what to interupt is important. Also when you interupt let the castbar run to 75% or so. Unless itīs a channeled thing ofc. As long as the target is casting heīs not hurting anyone. Itīs the finished cast we need to worry about.

All of this iīm fairly sure most forumusers, if not all, allready knows. I dont put much weight into optimising dps and keybinds. Optimising dps will help for sure, but a bad dps in terms of output is much preferred over a good dps with tunnelvision and no situation awareness.

Ofc, this mainly aplies to FP but iīm fairly sure it aplies to OPīs asswell. Ofc. in the realy hard OPīs you cant afford a dps that have low dps output, but realy, if a dps can do everything else right, then i bet he can learn to dps just fine too. Just teach him how.