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11.17.2012 , 07:00 AM | #1
For a healing sage the one thing that we do not want to happen is to burn through our force especially on long drawn out fights that have many burst healing stages. What I have found is that alacrity is pretty much useless for me because I do not use that +2 second cast time heal at all any more. I only rely on Salvation, Healing Trance, Rej., and Bel on occasions. Instead of having a lot of alacrity, I've chosen to just stack as much power as possible and with that I have much more surge than the soft cap. I don't care about the dim. returns; I much rather have harder hitting heals than faster cast times (which even with a lot of alacrity your cast times do not get reduced enough to make them better). Thoughts on this? Each tick of my salvation usually crits for +930.