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11.17.2012 , 06:11 AM | #98
People haven't given up on the game, but advertisements might have been switched out, and so on, but I see a lot of advertisements on sites for SWTOR now, "SWTOR GOING FREE TO PLAY" and so on. The developers are still working hard on the game, and reviews of the latest version are coming out quickly, guides on how to level up quickly are being made once more, to show to the new influx of players. The developers that worked on free to play were working on it while the devs were working on releasing new content, which they DID, with the updates that came with FTP.

There's so many of the posters that complain that take it way too far. "DERP; THE GAME IS DED IN -X- AMOUNT OF DEYS ANYWAY." and "IM GUNNA QUIT COS I LOST THE LOTTERY." My tip to you, read this and play for as long as you enjoy the game, and you'll see that new content, be it cartel items or new features, are on the way.