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1ste to seekerofpower
hi ty for you responds wasnt ment to be persanol if you took it this way . im sorry just giving more insite
on my persanol situtation.

to answer way i have so many char 's it because i have so many 50's
lets fase it the endgame isnt that big and what do you do if you are bored or interssed to other char classes
you make a new 1.

2 part is the population on the servers ..............there wasnt any ...making end game even harder, to do anything
this also takes in count the char from my kids they have both 2 each. with a high lvl
if i take you advice cleaning up my char list means delelting char with high gear,/ high pvp gear or deleting my kids char's i truly cant belive if you have this problem you do this to your kids me not.

This game with all it story's and dif class speced is made for alts look at the lagacy build around alts
this new companion is made around the fact to build a alt on the other faction site.

i play the game like its given lot of classes with adv class en dif story's ...........en it is what i pay for .
if im limmited to a surten amount of char's then im cheated out of money

hope BW can understand my problem perhaps even more ppl out there with this situation.