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Let me explain to you again:
I still love my Lethality Op, it is best solo class i played. I can solo any Daily content, including Blackhole Torvix H4, i can do 'Old Enemies' Heroics (lord Raxus) on Belsavis in 3 minutes from quest pickup to quest delivery. But - *solo* PVE stuff and this is MMO where i need to party up for PVP. This is where this Ops tree fails.
Lets conclude: As an Operative you have the choice:
- to be the OverPowered Healer in PvP and best healer in PvE,
- to find yourself among the top DPS in WZ results table as Concealment
- to be OverPowered in PvE as Lethality.

Yeah. There is a much to QQ about.
Really broken class. Definitely unplayable at all.
And the free-of-charge anytime respec doesnt help at all.
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