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Indeed, you put a DoT on someone, deliberately spec for extra long DoT time then say it messes with your CC in a WZ therefore the CC is not useable for your spec.

A CC will also interrupt an uninterruptable attack even if its broken by a dot straight away.

It's the same for all DoT classes, sorcs, assassins, pyro anything, CC before the fight then attack who you want.
Let me explain to you again:
The one, Biggest hit of Lethality (Cull) rely on the presence of 2 DoT *present*. The DoTs are curable. So either you spec to 'lingering toxins' or your DoTs are cured and Cull is unusable. You dont know the mechanics of the class apparently. Yes, there is many classes using DoTs but, their 'big hitters' are not as relying on them. So what? You either spec for for it, then you break CC of your team, or you dont and you dont have any burst damage. What would you choose?
The Lingering toxins - actually was originally 'Fix' of BW for curability of our DoTs. So if someone cure it, your Cull is not for just for laughs. But in team play, this is fail. Next thing is that energy maintenance also rely on DoT crittical ticks. So - wha you do to have egnergy for Cull? You must poison as many as you can from opposing team.... but wait you break the CCs of you teammates So what you choose(having energy to do DPS or breaking CCs)? In PUG play, if you poison everyone, it might be OK, if you face coordinated team and you poison everyone - you're kicked of your team.
So eiter you dont have energy to do what you're supposed to do - DPS - or what good you are there for?
I repeat myself - roll op, choose lethality, play, then ./discuss.
Whole Lethality tree need rework - i made my suggestion.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gyronamics View Post
Their DoTs are as long as yours AND if extra long DoTs are gimping you in a WZ it's free to respec these days so you don't take the talent which doubles their length. It's not as if having a weak DoT for 30 seconds is going to really kill someone in the burst happy world of pvp.
Explained above - you *must* have it or you can *not* use Cull (well you can but it's just energy waste).

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Yes, sleep dart is situational, so is all CC but it's excellent when it comes to solo defense and slowing down enemy players, especially key ones without actually having to fight them.
Explained in previous post - as Lethality is not true or full Stealth class, this is very situational. Many times people just see me, even if i'm stealthed. So it is not reliable tool. If your team can not rely on your stealth ability, then you're no good node guard.

Quote: Originally Posted by Gyronamics View Post
Also your statistics lie which is a different thing.

Out of 800 players (who may be players counted multiple times) you count for 100, you don't exist?
This really is almost funny. You know what? I made my statistics playing my Juggernaut tank. I'm already sick being ruled out of team play for playing the class i wanted. Yes. I rerolled another class. As everyone playing Lethality did. They play heals, few Concealment.
With Juggernaut, mediocre outfitted (mixed Battlemaster with -already- 3 WH parts) i'm much much bigger asset to my team, than my valor 89 Lethality op with BiS Armor and elite weapons.

Please, open your eyes, have a look on the team you queue with. Try to spot Lethality Operative. You wont. You'll see lot Operative Medics, some Operative Concealment, but none Lethality.
I made this statistics accurate. These numbers were not just pulled from my clever hat. I really watched the people i play with. Please do your own statistic. I really would be glad if some other people did. I just take plain pen and paper.

I still love my Lethality Op, it is best solo class i played. I can solo any Daily content, including Blackhole Torvix H4, i can do 'Old Enemies' Heroics (lord Raxus) on Belsavis in 3 minutes from quest pickup to quest delivery. But - *solo* PVE stuff and this is MMO where i need to party up for PVP. This is where this Ops tree fails.