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it is fake money, its not fake time i put into getting the fake money. thats the point i am trying to make here. i spent alot of time grinding to got them, and now you can create a free account and get boots just like that. not cool, oh and the nice thing about these forums is i can come in here and gripe about this as much as i want. so the get used to it statment was uncalled for.

You gaming attitude is somewhat wrong. And a matter to consider to change.
Ask yourself - why are you playing the game?
The normal answer - is to have fun BY GAMEPLAY.
And what you are saying is that you are not having the fun in the gameplay itself... It is looked like you are in desperate need of self-confidence improve by boasting with some items. «Yay! Look at me - Im better than you because i spend a lot of time in game to grind credits, while all of you have enjoying your reallife!»

Thus if you are don`t enjoying the process of playing the game, then maybe it is time to think about something other than wasting your time on it? There is no reason to make your gameplaying as another job/work.
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