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thanks Bioware for the slap in the face with the new update. you might make more money off the game now but will have unhappy customers. i worked and slaved to get the credits for my rocket boots at a price of 4.5 mil credits. now you offer them to the new and free to play customers for hardly nothing. we subs that have played this game and dealt with all the glitches and broken patches and stuck by you the whole time get the shaft. things like rocket boots and speeders are a big part of this game and gives the player something to work for, things some others dont have. used to be you could look at a player and see the items and loot they had and know that person put some time in to that toon. well no more is that the case. i think it only right to refund the credits your PAYING CUSTOMERS spent for these things you almost give away now and let them have the chance to buy them from the cartel shop. what is the point of the game now, everyone has all the stuff you had to work for. a sad day for paying customes!!!! getting the shaft again..
I agree with copperdog here. The rocket pack and GTN for your ship were the two big ticket items to work for. While, if you know the "ins and outs" of what sells on the GTN, credits are hardly a big deal a lot of folks did work hard to unlock these perks by running countless dailies. Basically giving it away for a relatively small amount of CCs is bad customer service in my opinion... Not that I have any expectation EA will give a damn, let alone reimburse any players their credits back.
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