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11.17.2012 , 03:42 AM | #99
Doomed Lemmings has downed Colonel Vorgath in 8man EC Nightmare. Server First Pics!!!*

We are also declaring Server First on Kephess 8man EC Nightmare! Server First Video!!!*****

**=For all those crazy crazy people who demand unedited screenshots with time stamps etc, Here are a bunch, taken from different perspectives. Showing Now In Full Stereoscopic 3D!! Lot, Moon, Rapa, Tenebris-Domina.***
***= ( Note, Lot and Moon are 16 hours ahead of PST, Rapa is on MST, etc etc. The actual down time is 1:27:40AM, 11/17/2012... god I feel so lame writing this... ).
****= This server first meaning we were the first guild to Attempt Kephess on Nightmare, not that we downed it :P. The video can be seen in all it's glory above.
*****=special thanks to Gunsmoke, who helped out with the grind for hours and hours, but had to go before we actually got it down
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