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Please don't even mention the words Explosive Dart or Missile Blast. Next you'll be telling me to add Shoulder Slam into my rotation....

Explosive Dart is only an AoE by definition, its not an actual viable AoE. It shares a cooldown with Thermal Detonator and does significantly less damage. Why spread Thermal out between three people? Why not just Thermal one guy...

Fusion Missile is also not a viable AoE. It does so little splash damage that you could actually argue that it would be better as a single target so it doesn't break CCs.
Read the thread again and find the point where anyone supports using Missile Blast for anything.

1) Explosive Dart does not share a cooldown with Thermal Detonator

2) Mercs do not have DFA ready for every single pack, you have to know how to use your AOE

e.g. Kephess EC
DFA on one pack
Explosive Dart + Flamethrower the next pack
Fusion Missile + Sweeping Blasters the third (I get a damage bonus on that last one as I'm Pyro)

Clearly you must be doing something else since you don't want to use Explosive Dart, what DO you do?