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11.17.2012 , 03:10 AM | #5

I agree with the above. Also, what spec have you been leveling in?

I would advise against running MM spec early on. Although it's very strong in the 10-49 PvP bracket, MM spec is based on high burst rather than sustained dps or area control (to an extent), and you'll find a lot of that burst you used to have will be shaken off by many of your fully min-max WH competitors.

I would say you'd have bigger impact early on in the 50 bracket by running Engi, as it gives good node control, more support, and more survivability (the later of which you'll be grateful for as you're gearing up).

Just my 2 cents


EDIT: Also, have u loaded up on WZ medpacks and WZ Adrenals? Have you got your skill stim organised? Got seismic nades organised?