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11.17.2012 , 02:54 AM | #3121
I'm very very tired, but I did want to say there was one really special thing that's come out of this thread.

Some friendships. There have been guilds that have come together through here and formed because of this thread. People changing servers to go play with friends. Email addy's exchanged. It warms this old geek's heart to see. The community that has happened on this thread due to this is one I'm very proud to be apart of.

Now, while this is a lovely side effect, the whole handling of SGRs has seemed filled with double standards and I know I feel like I've been shouting into the wind. I know I'm not the only one who feels like they are getting a sore throat. That's probably why I've seen Jenovan around the forums when I was randomly doing my "surf n lurk" recently, and not on this thread.

Eh, it sounds like it's going to happen before the end of the year. Right now too beat to give a crap, so long as it gets in and it's on par with the OGRs in the game.

Oh and heya Nozybidaj! Long time no see! I came back in mid September after leaving for the summer. It wasn't so much ToR, or the extremely wretched handling of SGR info by The Power That Be, I was just tired of mmos in general for a bit. Lack of any meaningful information about SGRs didn't help though.

With a ton of help from the various posters over the year, I helped organize a FAQ. Check out my signature if you're curious. It really hasn't done us a ton of good (as far as making any muckey-mucks say anything), but a lot of it I plan on keeping once SGRs go in. We'll get a lot of the same questions from both those genuinely politely/excitedly curious and from trolls (whose mothers should have been more liberal with the soap in their mouths.) It might help down the road, with some serious editing.

For now I know what classes I'm leveling and I'm taking it one at a time. Got some names locked, but I'm going to continue to save room for a couple of SGR inclined toons.

Have had 5 hrs of sleep in 48 hrs. Night night.