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EA Games is a lousy (I use much choicer words to describe them but don't want a ban) company that has killed many franchises and many MANY successful developing houses through their buyouts and subsequent ****** of said franchise/developer.
Did this happen in this case? I can't say for sure, but EA DID force release before the game was ready.
One case where EA has basically killed the game is Warhammer. I loved that game I have a collectors copy EA (through Mythic) is still trying to get a sub from players. They have a FTP to lvl 10 or something but because I payed for the game I can't access it on my collectors account.

Also as happy as I was to get SWTOR I do think EA forced them to release early. It should have come out about the time Mass Effect 3 started to wear off. I have never unsubbed to this game and I don't plan to anytime soon. I don't play every day but when I do play I really enjoy this game. So thank you Bioware for all the work you have put into It and please don't pay to much attention to the rage quitting trolls.
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