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@ Iamthehoyden: Magenta? Scourge should be glad she's not wearing fluffy Ewok slippers.

Kirya and Rixik, Uncharted Territory

Prompt: Vices and Virtues

Title: Wrath, Restraint; and Faith

This particular piece fits in with Uncharted Territory. Since that story was told from Rixik’s perspective, there’s a gap where he doesn’t know what Kirya is doing. This story fills that gap. For that reason the ending is a bit abrupt; I felt reiterating Kirya’s perspective from Uncharted Territory would be redundant.

The title hits most of the sins and virtues involved, though you could throw Lust, Greed, Courage, and Hope in the mix if you really wanted to. This AU tends to be lighthearted, but this piece is not. 1700 words.