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The Wrath was to obvious a choice. He wished to make this a subtle move almost as if It were a hunt. The only moment the pray notices you is when it's killed..Tracking down elusive Rakata technology lost to the ages. Allowing it to be built by your enemies and then just when they think they have life and victory in their hands you snatch it from them. Oh how glorious this is. Oh and Marr one more thing. Question me again and I'm very sure the Wrath would love to send you my regards personally. Howl cut off the com channel. He was more focused on the task at hand than jealous colleagues.

Hadock laughed breaking a troopers neck with his hands. Just saw you over there being sloppy with your fancy glow sticks figured the stress was just to high for you.
"I like to enjoy myself when I kill, do it too quick and you don't get any satisfaction from it" he said this while shocking a group of troopers who just entered the room to death

Marr sat silently in contplation after being hung up on. if what howl said was indeed true, that he had managed to become the emperor's would need to be dealt with. But, he could not leave ANY trace that would lead back to him, else he atract the emperors wrath, literaly and mentaly......there was little he could do now, marr disided. he would just have to sit, and wait for his chance.