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11.17.2012 , 12:30 AM | #849
Quote: Originally Posted by LeonHawkeye View Post
Premade Vs Pug play should not exist, period.
=P not meaning to sound childish or rude, but adding "Period" on the end of your statement doesn't end the argument, doesn't strengthen your point, and really just sounds stupid.

Please explain to me why PuG's should get their own queue?

We're talking about people who are not willing to take 5 minutes and put a group together (or make friends to begin with). Their complaint is that they're losing, but they are unwilling to take the steps to fix that. I get there are times when PuG'ing is your only option (friends not on, only got a half hour or so, or simply not feeling social today.) Shouldn't an Massive Multiplayer Game be encouraging people to group up and step up?

If PuG's do get their own queue, why should they get rewards equal to the "group" queue?

The complain is once again, PuG's lose to premades because... because... better group composition, coordination, communication, etc... If PuG's get their own little casual happy-palace queue, why should they be rewarded for essentially wallowing in their sucktastic-ness. =P I know that sounds rude, but it's pretty much true.

Why do we need split queue's instead of (or with) proper matchmaking? Wouldn't a more flexible, inclusive system be better than split pools?